Trobar de Morte was born in 1999. It's the most ambitious project of the multifaceted Lady Morte, singer and songwriter. Having played at several festivals, concerts and tours - including one big tour with Faun in 2011 - and visiting countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Romania, France or Italy, the band has recently collaborated with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona and toured through Europe as coheadliner with The Moon And The NightSpirit to celebrate its 18th anniversary. Two tribal dancers have accompanied them in several concerts throughout the years, adding a strong visual impact to many of the songs.


They released its sixth studio album “Ouroboros” a few months ago, with which the band went a step further in its musical proposal. Fantasy, folk and medieval music meet in a critically acclaimed record that fills the main core of the current live setlists. Dreamlike and epic melodies find their counterpoint in the most lively and Celtic tunes. Altogether mixed in an heterogeneous, albeit always mystical combination of traditional instruments.


Recorded at Ax Studios between December 2015 and June 2016, the new album of Trobar de Morte had some stellar collaborations from Fiona Frewert (Faun) on bagpipes and flutes or the Spanish harpist Victor Santal.  Jose Luis Frias (flutes) and Marta Ponce (violins), who were part of the band for several years, have an outstanding participation in the album too . The cover art has been designed by the well-known artist Victoria Frances.


 The band live show includes performances, dances and ritualistic elements which enhance the audience's experience.




Ancient Tales Demo 1999 - Self edited


Nocturnal Dance of the dragonfly MCD 2003 Label: Drama Company


Fairydust Cd 2004 Label: Drama Company


Reverie Cd 2006 Label: In the Morningside Records


Legends of Blood and Light Cd 2008 Label: In the Morningside Records


Beyond The Woods Cd 2011 Label: In the Morningside Records


The Silver Wheel Cd 2012 Label: In the Morningside Records


Summoning the gods vinil 7'ep 2014 Label: In the Morningside Records


Ouroboros Cd 2016 Label: Trobar de Morte self edition 



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