Julio 2016: Trobar de Morte "Ouroboros" Cd Digipack 2016

New work of Trobar de Morte. Cover design by Victoria FrancÚs.

Feat Fiona Frewert (Faun) and Victor Santal.

 available in our store!


July 2016:  "Ouroboros"T-shirts, Now in our  store!

May 2016:  Oficial  Trobar de Morte DVD Live at Undead Dark Club de Barcelona. Dvd in digibook edition. You can buy it from our store!


Mayo 2016: Trobar de Morte in  Ragnard Rock Festival, France!

Abril 2016: Next concerts Madrid, 22 de Octubre 2016, sala Copernico

Barcelona 5 de Noviembre 2016, sala Bikini


February 2015: The reissue of The Silver Wheel is already here!!A Beautiful limited edition with golden ornaments and with three bonus tracks live. We already have our copy!


January 2015:

*Trobar de Morte in "Wamderland", Cazan, France

**Trobar de Morte in La Noche de los Candiles de Almocita, Spain!!

* Trobar de Morte in Castlefest, Holland!

December 2014: Live in Undead Dark Club, Barcelona. Winter Solstice Concert

November 2014: New photoshot by El Costurero Real.

*We are recording with Alexis Pujol a new videoclip "Destiny"


January 2014:  Our first video clip "Summoning the Gods" is already recorded and is in the process of editing by Alexis Pujol Val. We hope to show you soon the results.
Just arrived at our hands the reissue of "Beyond The Woods", with new artwork and 6 bonus tracks. You can already find it in our section "Store".


August 2013: We are happy to announce that the next tuesday we will stay at the Axstudios of Barcelona recording a new song "Summoning the Gods", for after to do our first videoclip.

Juny 2013: Preparing and rehearsing set list of songs for next concerts. The most near: Saturday 20th July 2013, in Undead Dark Club, Barcelona.

May 2013: New musical line up. After the departure of Fernando Cascales, join the band Awen (Keyboards) and Sined Zulim (Oriental Percussions) beginning thus a new phase for TDM.

January 2013:  A new member joined to the band, Daemoniel is his name and he acompany us with his magical guitar.

July 2012:  Returned of our last concert  from Romania in the "Ghost Festival". We take us the summers of relaxation and we take advantage of to seek new inspirations for a future work, to compose and to seek new concerts. We have the project to record a videoclip in september-october, we will inform you about. We wish you a good summer!!!

April 2012: The Silver Wheel is out of the factory and has arrived to our record label In The Morningside Records. Waiting its arrival to Barcelona!!!

March 2012: We have finished to record "The Silver Wheel"!! Now to expect impatiently to that factory leave the cd and while.. we begin to rehearsal to prepare us our next concerts.

January 2012: Trobar de Morte is ready to enter in a few days to record what will be its 5║ study album "The Silver Wheel". A full work of pagan magic that will transport you to the more ancient passages, forests and mystical places. Inspired in the Celtic goddess of the Moon "Arianrhod" also called "The Silver Wheel".

We hope release for April 2012 by the music label "In The Morningside Records".

October 2011: Preparing the re-edition of Fairydust with a live audio cd extra and the re-edition of Legends of blood and light with a Dvd extra. We hope to bring light in november 2011 and you can buy it at the Eupoean tour with Faun "Eden Tour".




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